Help me out ladies, I don't want to lose this girl forever I love her more than anything in the world and I just want her to see that I changed?

So my ex girlfriend of three years recently broke up with me and she's dating this dude a week later and this guy was the guy she cheated with me on earlier in our relationship then I took her back then she left me for him dated for two months and came back again... well I managed to fuck up again and she said that she has just hit her breaking point and that she is over our relationship right now, she said she does not want to see my changes right now and she does not want to invest anymore time and emotion into me at the moment and that I've left her emotionally broken, she said she would be with me in the future but right now she can't take the risk of getting hurt again and that she is putting her happiness first, I asked her how could she have hopes for us in the future if she feels the way she does about this guy right now and she simply said "well my feelings for him aren't going anywhere anytime soon" she seems so happy now and constantly saying little things that just makes me feel so low and insecure could she truly be in love with this man already? We tried to be friends for awhile but I couldn't do it anymore I told her I couldn't sit around and just be an option for her while she's committing and falling in love with this new guy... I have not been in contact for 6days... do I simply just give her the space she reunites? Will she ever give me a chance I've expressed my love to her I've tried to do everything and she just would not budge she said her heart and mind simply won't let her right now and that none of my efforts at this moment will work... I would appreciate your help ladies in willing to do whatever it takes I just one last chance.. I know I can't risk being the guy that I was before I truly have changed and reflected but it seems like it's far too late she seems so happy on Facebook and Instagram


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  • The fact that she cheated on you proves that she doesn't love you. She would not be hopping back and forth between you and this other guy if she truly loved you. The fact that she moved on so quick is a red flag for sure. I understand you love her, you seem like a good guy. She knows that too and she's taking that for granted.
    All in all, if you really love her, you should talk to her and get to the bottom of things. Ask her if she loves you and ask her why she's pulling dumb shit like this.
    But it seems like she doesn't think too much of this relationship.

    • I have asked her and she just blames me for all of this she blames me for us not being together claiming that this guy has done nothing, she blames me for leaving her emotionally broken and treating her like "just some girl" she says she is over our relationship right now and does not want to invest anymore time and emotion into me she doesn't want to be lovey dovey with me

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    • I trust her though I know she can be faithful to me, she's 17 I'm 22, I don't know if that maybe is a reason that she's doing all this I thought she was much rather mature but I guess her mentality is still not there

    • I can't give up on someone like that you know? I'd rather wait till I have no hope left

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  • Im confused... how are you fucking up at all in all of this? Besides not having enough self esteem to make her understand what she has with you by not so easily taking her back. Sometimes people need to be shown what they have.

    • Because I'm a man of God and I believe in forgiving others and I've forgiven her for all she's done to me you don't understand I genuinely love this girl

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    • NO starting from NOW. NO more!! Only happy things. things your excited about, photos of cool shit your doing. NOt too much though... slow and steady wins the race. <3

    • She deleted me on Twitter this morning but she still remains friends with me on the fake Facebook page and on my Instagram? Like what? and alright I shall post no more on the page unless it's positive and not about her

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