My girlfriend cheated on me and i'm just really sad, should I just end things?

I really want to break up with my girlfriend cause i saw text messages last night from this other guy and he was sending nudes to her. She was away and her phone was beside me so i just went trhough some short messages and she was responding back with things to "encourage" him. As soon as i saw this i just wanted to walk out the door but i sat her down and i asked her certain "questions" and all of them she answered back wrong. Today she is calling me but i'm not answering. I'm soo mad and at the same time very say because why me? i treated her soo damn good and did everything she wanted. I want to break up but what should i tell her? AND i'm a really nice person and usally when people apologize to me i accept it, i admit i can be gullable too, but what should i tell her? I feel so let down :(


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  • It sounds like you want to break up with her. If you are really gullible I think it would be a mistake to break up with her directly. It would give her a chance to use your emotions to her advantage and give her another chance. People say you should break up with someone to their face, but I think that is more when you are breaking up with someone that hasn't wronged you. She deserves no explanation nor any closer. Just text her that you are breaking up with her because you think you can do better, and don't answer if she replies. If she keeps calling block her number.

    If you want to tell her why you are breaking up with her, you can, but it will hurt her worse if you dump her and she doesn't know why. She will over think it and wonder if she wasn't hot enough, or if she did something annoying. Ultimately she will likely think it was because you didn't think she was good enough for you.

    I wouldn't even let her know she hurt you. She might even do the same and calmly accept that you don't want to be with her, even if she is devastated by it. The more pain either of you show, validates the worth of the other person making the break up easier for them. You don't want it it be easy for her. Then try to get your photo taken with some really hot girls and post those on Facebook in case she stalks you online to really drive the knife into her chest so she feels like she was easy to replace. Don't do it like you are bragging or she will see through it. Make it look casual so it looks like you have just easily gotten over her.

    If you are wanting to save your relationship then just talk to her, and take time rebuilding the trust. You however aren't married so I would advise just going your separate ways.

    • Couldn't have said it better myself.

    • thank you for the long reply. I think i will do what you said and text her that i'm breaking up with her. I don't know if i can get a hot chick to take a pic with me but i will try too. thanks for the long reply and help.

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  • You stated you're a really nice person, so go and date a really nice girl too. Not your current girlfriend who seem premiscuious according to the information you provided.

    • i will break up forsure and i will.

    • *flirty I meant, not premiscuous

    • it's ok. i made up mymind and will break up with her.

  • Been in the same boat bro, multiple times. I went through literally everything you experienced. What you shoild do is end it asap. It will hirt immesnsely now, but will save you heartache later. In my experience cheating women rarely if ever do it for sex. It is about the sadistic pleasure they get from deceiving you. Every time they say they love you they giggle in their head because they are thinking of the fratboy the banged last night. They are simply evil people who enjoy manipulating and deceiving you. They are deveptive, and put on a good show, its a pthology nit unlike compulsive liars.

    End it now, focus on you recover, and find a woman who actually loves you.

    • i will end it 100%

    • Glad to hear it! Just be firm when you tell her. She will most likely break down into tears and or give you a story about how it is all a huge misunderstanding, and you will want to believe it sobadly. Dont, stay firm, tell her you know what she did, and you can't be with someone like that. Dont get angry just firm and steafast.

    • yup i will, thanks

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