7 months on I can't move on while she did in 2 weeks?

My ex and I were together 4 years. We were each others first love and first sexual partner. She broke up with me 2 years ago saying she wasn't happy and then just shortly after got into a relationship with another guy. 2 months later she contacts me and says that she's sorry. We meet, talk and we decide to try again. She leaves this new guy for me.

2 years pass and our relationship hits a rocky spot. We try to work it out and things were getting better but then she leaves me in September and starts dating another guy almost immediately, when she had just told me a month before that she had a gut feeling since the day we met that we would last forever. After 1 month and a half I contact her. We start talking. She says she loves me and wants to try again. She even kept my note that I sent with the flowers when we broke up in the box where she keeps the watch I bought her for Christmas that she wears everyday.

3 weeks later from nowhere she decides that no, she can't do this and then breaks up with me AGAIN.

2 weeks later I see her with another guy, holding hands. A little over a month later I see that they went on vacation together. I only contacted her once after she blocked me and that was after I saw they had gone on vacation. I told her in a short message how I thought she was false and how she had lied to me about her love.

A month later I decide to block her number for good and I accidentally call her. But I hang up immediately and block her number. The day after her father calls and threatens to call the police if I contact her again. Like I was some sort of monster who hit her daughter when I had taken care of her for 4 years. I still to this day can't understand why and how she could do this. How she could find a new boyfriend so fast and move on.

Friends said it might've been a rebound but they are still together and as happy as ever. They spend everyday with each other pretty much. I have not spoken to


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  • ok first off let me help you understand something dude this girl didn't get over you she got a bandaid to heal the would you caused

    but also do you have no self respect this girl who you love has gone out and fucked many different men then came back to you until she got bored

    this girl may care about you but she is a slutty little bitch who thinks you are her bitch she will keep messing with you and making you feel like shit until you grow the balls to get the fuck away from her

    that's the kind of girl that tells people shit like you hit her or you constantly lie and stalk her

    basically she sounds batshit crazy run for your fucking life

    • I've read about rebounds and stuff and they all say they usually end in about few weeks to a month. They have been together for 7 months and seem as happy as ever. So that's why I can't see this guy having been just a "bandaid".

      No. The first time she left me and got a boyfriend she probably slept with him. According to her they didn't since they lived in different cities. But I doubt that. The second dude she dated I know she didn't sleep with. That's why I took her back. But now I have no intention to take her back. Whatsoever. But I do still have feelings for her but how she moved on so quickly and how she lied and what she did to me I can never forget and that is what hurts. I have not talked to her since January and I will not reach out. I'm just still hurting and wondering how she could move on so easily while I still really can't.

    • there's no way that girl moved on so easily she's just a bitch and wants you to think that

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  • It's sad to say but maybe she really wasn't into u from the start


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  • It's funny how a break up, initiated by the girlfriend, happens and leaves the bloke confused: "How did she move on so quickly?".

    The fact is mate, she had started moving on months before she pulled the plug. She was actively looking for a plan B and when she saw the chance to end it, she ended it.

    Most girl will do this, yours is no exception.

    The reason why you're still hooked onto her 7 months later is because you haven't come to realise what I told you just above. You haven't taken time for yourself and met other women.

    On top of all that her dad threatened to call the police... how often have you been trying to contact her? I'm ready to bet hundreds of times.

    Word of advice: NEVER ask friends who know nothing about women for advice.

    • Ok but if she had started to move on why say things like "I've had a gut feeling about us since the day we met that we would last forever" just a month before breaking up? Why come back for a few weeks after finally pulling the plug, keeping my love notes and saying she wants me back? And no. I did not contact her hundreds of times. I only contacted her about 3 times as I said in my post.

  • then she doesn't give a shit bout u bro, if she moved on so quickly... y do u still think bout her?


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