Why did my ex add me on snapchat and reply once but won't talk to me?

So me and my ex were best friends for years, then we eventually dated. We called ourselves highschool sweethearts, but I wasn't ready for forever, so I kind of fucked up.. bad. Anyways, he decides to move and then we get really close again but he said he doesn't want to be with me, so I decided to talk to someone else and he freaks out and says that it was a "test" so basically it was all my fault I wanted to talk to someone else when he was moving and didn't want to be with me. Anyways, when he moved I couldn't handle JUST being friends and we had huge arguments, then I said some horrible things then cut him off for 5 months. I try to contact him again and he completely rejects me so many times, after I keep trying to say "I'm ready to be friends now".. I understand he isn't ready yet. BUT when I said "wow this was a big mistake contacting you, It was rude that you just send me the thumbs up emoji and blocked me... wtf I won't try to contact you again" then he says "my phone accidently sent that".

Thats all he says, and I try again but NOTHING.. next few days, I add him on snapchat, and he adds me back and looks at every snapchat I send him..

I'm confused? Why would he add me back on snapchat? and sort of reply when I told him I'm done contacting him?


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  • He just wants to be nosey and pry into your life but he's not actually interested in reconnecting with you on a legitimate level.

    • but he blocked me on every social media except he added me on snapchat.. weird.

    • Yeah girl, he's just playing games and being nosey. Leaving you with breadcrumbs which is ultimately unsatisfying :/ Block him right back! Tell him to eff off.

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