I don't know why I came here but I just can't see her with another one I flew away from Egypt to Seychelles but?

it was hard on me going into psychological attack 2 times causing a very strong medcines to control my anger , i flew to Seychelles after i went out of hospital i really didn't know why i came here but i feel good , i simply can't stand watching her enjoying with him and she suddenly break up woth me without any reasons , i feel new now here already 2 weeks ago alone i just started my work here yesterday my first day.. is it wrong if i don't want to go back? is it wrong if i disappeared out of her life like totally vanished? my bro called and asked what if looking for u i said i won't back to her.. guys is it possible to love someone and u dont want to back to this one again? i told her many time during her on and off many times in more than 5 years i tild her that one day u will off and u will see me disappeared, I've beeb so patient enough but now she just killed all my life to this small island where i am.. but yea Seychelles people are so kind this wyat make happy here n so what you think about whole of it?


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