Why do exes always have a tendency to come back when it's too late?

I am mostly talking about relationship where the man is the one doing the dumping. It seems that after time the ex will try to "talk" again. I have had this happen 2 times and by the time they got back in touch I was over them. What are they trying to be friends for again? Surely they don't think that after 6 months we are going to have sex with them, lol
I have noticed this phenomena more with men than women. I am not saying by any means that women never return to a relationship after ending it, but it seems the men can be so sure of themselves at the time and after time passes they try to come back into your life and not really offer an apology.

My other ex broke up with me for someone and treated me like crap. I was younger then and stupid and he'd call me to tell me how much better the other girl was.
Of course me being stupid, I'd believe him and get all upset. Then I just stopped entertaining his bs and he came back saying how he was stupid and made a big mistake. Now this was when I was in college so it's been some years ago, haha


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  • Wait. Your ex called u and told u the other girl was better? Certified jerk alert.

    I get what you're saying though... give u their ass to kiss then randomly shows up weeks/months later & expect u to act as if nothing never happened. lol
    I dont welcome them back with arms wide open. I usually ignore them unless its really public like writing on my facebook wall. I dont wanna seem rude so I keep it really cordial & brief. but if its a text I ignore it.
    Oh well. Shoulda never acted like a dick. lol

    • yes, this as yeaars ago, when i was in college. He would say all types of mean things to upset me.

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  • Best question in a long time! For me in my past the ex always got another chance because I loved him. After taking him back twice I was done with the heartbreak. Now it been nine years and he still regret what happen to us.

  • They don't realise what they had till it's gone


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