Would a ex tell you this?

A ex recently told me I have a nice bum and when I called him on it he said not only do I have a nice bum but all of me looks really good. Would a ex say that, if he wasn't intwresred in getting back together? And he and I both don't believe in hook ups and one night stands.


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  • It isn't strange at all. After all he was attracted to you when you first met. He still likes your body

    • Do you think it's possible that he'd want me back for more than just my body?

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    • I don't know about deleting a question but I wish you the best

    • Thank you. :) and thanks for answering.

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  • ... Perhaps your "EX" believes then in... Friends with benefits, I am surmising here, dear.
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye forever, my love. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in your own softie spot, there is usually motive in mind when it comes the time he may say... I have a nice bum but all of me looks really good.
    He is probably Missing the Kissing and the history you both have shared and still feels comfy and cozy with you, even if you are Not two birds of a feather.
    However, with no strings attached at this time, many times over, it's sometimes the guy who wants this try with Friends with benefits and this is Not... hook ups with a quickie and... One night stands.
    It's best to not wear your heart on your sleeve right now. Have a little pet talk with him and tell him what you may or may not and find out... Where you stand so you know whether or not it just might go south.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks hon for your answer and reply. I found it very informative. As he has told me he likes me a lot and add a lot when breaking up with me and still tells me to. We still text, send pics and talk a lot and etc. he is also attending an event with me that we planed on going together together with when we dated and such and he still wants to go with me. And he said yesterday he'd ttyl and he already texted me today and for the event he wants to spend more days with me and etc. his sis wants me to come visit them all and go boating and his friend that I met wants me and my ex to go Quadding with him. Do they know we broke up? by the way how would I bring up what you mentioned up to him?

    • Thanks again hon xx

    • Oh, so welcome... go slow with his flow, see where it just lead to... right now, they may not know everything and even if they do, may want to still keep you around and the both of you again, hoping you will reunite.
      I see more in store with what you wrote of spending this time together. Everything seems okay and may lead to you both getting back together, he may want to be taking it slow. However, the minute you feel it is going towards a friends with Benefits factor or something you don't like, talk to him. xxoo

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  • id say it to an ex i still wanted to fuck personally, might want more than that, but either way, its a fuck.

    • Thanks for your answer.

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