Do I respond to my ex's email?

I had a bad break-up with my ex boyfriend 3 months ago. It wasn't very serious since we only dated for 4 months, but it was one of those situations where we got very angry, broke up and never talked to each other again. Since we broke up, I thought a lot about things and I have come to realize that we were terribly wrong for each other and it would have never worked. The biggest issue was that we want completely different things in life. Anyway, tonight (completely out of the blue) he emailed me saying he misses me and wants to meet up and talk. I do not think we have anything to say to each other, but he sounds sad and part of me feels like I should at least talk through it with him to give him closure. On the other hand, I have NO interest in getting back together, and just the thought of discussing our breakup exhausts me emotionally. I would consider being friends, but that would be it. Should I respond to his email at all?


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  • yes I would tell him what you said what you wrote up above, be honest with him. A friendship can only work if you are both healed, it sounds to me he is not over you and a friendship wouldn't work, trust me on this.


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