Ex boyfriend dating his ex after 2 weeks?

Well my ex and I dated about 6 months. His ex before me was crazy, and would treat him badly. But she was obsessed with him even while we were dating. Hewould ignore her all the time yet she would still try to get back at us. They dated on and off for about a year.
We recently broke up. About a week or so later he started sweet talking to me again, and said he missed me and didn't want any ill feelings. He would do anything for me however he saw I was having fun with another guy and got jealous and started getting upset with me. However, an incident happened and we had to break off all contact. This was 2 weeks ago.
He went back to his ex girlfriend recently. I feel kind of sick because I feel like maybe I'm just easily replacable or someone can just care so badly then move on. Or perhaps he hasn't moved on and just thought it'd be easy to go back to someone who had been obsessed with him forever and was easy.
I dont know. What does it sound like to you? I know I shouldn't care what he does, but the ego bruise is big on this one.


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  • He goes where the wind blows.


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  • He sounds co-dependent with her. Some men are like this. It is a hard thing to compete with.


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