Does this mean my ex doesn't care?

My ex called me and we talked for about an hour and at one point I told him something and he said is it because you love me and I said yeah then he said not gonna happen. Then later he tells me that I should be with someone who actually cares about me.

he is the one who ended the relationship 4 months ago and he continues to contact me and just last week he said he loved me and wanted me. He called me babe and said he doesn't want to lose me and also said don't ever leave me. But this week he acts different like he doesn't care and it breaks my heart because I let him in my life again after not talking to him for over a month.

i want to block him but I also want to talk to him one last time and tell him how I feel.


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  • He knows how you feel. He's conflicted if he wants you or not. Tell him not to contact you until he makes up his mind if he wants you. Tell him if he doesn't want you to not contact you again


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