Should I give up on him?

So I was dating my ex for about a month and I know it sounds crazy but things escalated extremely quickly. At first things were great but then he went missing on me for a few days, he said it was because he didn't know how to process the feelings he has for me and that I'm the closest thing he's come to feeling since coming back from deployment a few years ago. He's divorced for that very reason. He has attachment issues. We talked and everything seemed good but then he started to become distant again. And I will admit that I can be clingy if I'm ignored, and as much as he didn't like it, he accepted that that's how I am because I'm probably the only person who's ever fought for him. We got into a fight because he disappeared on me again and I ended up in the hospital during that time and he didn't even respond. To add more stress to the situation, my doctor informed me that I may be pregnant but it's still to early to tell. Well ever since I shared this information, he's treated me like crap. He hardly spoke to me. We've seen each other once and that was only to hook our friends up. He refuses to see me and would only talk to me if I yelled at him for the way he was acting even though he wouldn't change but also doesn't want me to leave (I've asked him many times.) So he was being extremely rude the other day for absolutely no reason as he has been for almost 2 weeks. Well he's told me many times that he hates the way he treats me so I finally had enough of the talk and wanted to see the effort. I decided to rip him a new one and break it off. My hopes were that since he only responds to me when I stand up for myself that he would realize that this is serious to me and that I'm done with his behavior. I told him that I would no longer speak to him unless he started trying. I miss him a lot and but he's too prideful to come back. It's only been 2 days but it's the longest I've gone without initiating contact. Should I wait for him to call or reach out or just let go?


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  • Purely...
    I don't think the two of you are a suitable match, just with your nature/what you expect from this relationship

    • Thank you. Yeah, shit kinda suck. He was obsessed with me at first and then he just changed.

    • It happens, as good a match as you might be, your just looking for different things in life atm... we've all been there at some stage

  • If anyone reads this... They are insane as hell

    • Lol, I know and I'm sorry. It's really long but I'm also reallly confused about what to do. Thanks for the laugh.

    • I'm insane ffs you sound like an awesome person. Anyways what you put seems to be a man who isn't the type for you and what I mean by that is... You're an awesome princess and he's the king of di**heads.

      You obviously deserve better because he won't change at all trust me and if he did change it'll only be for a week if that. Respect for you for sticking up for yourself. Don't try and talk to him let him come to you and leave him. I know he may be a nice guy in some ways but he definitely not the 'relationship ' type:) b

    • I really appreciate that (:

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