My bestfriend is dating a player and we as friends really dont like her Help?

my firend a dude is seeing a girl and she's a player and is very two faced how can i get him to stop liking her and making her look bad i know its mean but she's going to really hurrt him,
i know we should leave him figure it outhimself because realisticly they won't last but he is a good guy and can't she thats she is what she is! what tricks can i do to break this up?


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  • ah this sucks. i had this happen to a friend before. he wouldn't listen, even broke contact with all of us because he thought we werent allowing him happiness.

    4 weeks later he came back to apologise and tell us we were right

    i have no idea what you can do to prevent it from happening

    • i suppose i could get close with her "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

    • i suppose thats the only thing you can do, yeah

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  • Just talk to him and explain why you think that she's a player and the rest is up to him.

    • we have done but he said he really likes her

    • There's not much you can do at this point anymore. Just hope for the best and make it clear to him that you'll always be there for him.

    • yeah but she's also trying to make me loook bad and pushing him away from me im also a girl

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  • Yes, people need to make their own mistakes but. . . if you really want to interfere where you shouldn't, you could go find her last victim and have that guy talk to your friend.

  • Don't let your obvious feelings for him, get in the way of what you THINK she is


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