Guys, I'm at a loss? Can you help a girl out?

I'm still in love with my ex-fiance a year later. None of us have dated anyone seriously since. The reasons for the breakup have been fixed. We haven't really talked since I moved back home 9mnths ago. He apologized & talked to me a little, but keeps disappearing. I'm at a total loss guys. **note: you telling me to move on is pointless because my heart won't let me, it's not what I want**


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  • Well, you can't make him want you so maybe you need to try to get back together so the next time you break up, you can hate him and use your anger to get over it. OR you can sit around, watching sad chick flicks and eating macaroons.

    • I never get angry. Last time I got angry was 5yrs ago. I hate chick flicks too. I'd rather watch Braveheart!

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  • Why did you break up in the first place? If what caused the breakup was fixed then why didn't the two of you get back together?

    • He said he wasn't ready for the responsibility and we were both too immature & "it just wouldn't work." He loved me but wasn't "in love." All of my stupid immaturity has been fixed, I went to professional counseling so I could improve myself and let go of the pain. I think the reason why we still aren't is perhaps he still doesn't feel ready. I haven't contacted him at all since the breakup, and he has contacted me a few times. I think the reason why is because we are not talking and I am scared to make the first move, because I don't want to only feed his ego.

  • i hate to say this, i do think you need to move on. otherwise,... well, watch this:

    • I feel like you're projecting your experiences onto mine. Not what I'm asking. I still want him. I get asked out at least five times a month. The more I see what else is out there, the more I want him.

    • not even my my experience.

  • "you telling me to move on is pointless because my heart won't let me, it's not what I want"...

    Okay then, you should continue with your emotional distress.

    • I'm asking for advise to maybe rekindle things. Anything is possible.

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    • Yeah I know he's doing it out of ignorance though, not out of spite.

    • I don't care what it's out of, I'll forgive people of some ignorance (I know fuck all about some things too) but not within this context because you're incapable of the basic things that should hold you together as an individual and a couple when times get tough. I need sleep now Zopiclone, is good shit!

  • Don't worry, you'll get over it once you find a new one.

  • Kind of defeats the purpose of the question if you say "don't tell me to move on". That's what you need to do

    • I want to know how to reconcile things. Not move on.

    • Again, kind of defeats the purpose, if you say "don't say to move on"

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