How mature of this person to say this as part of her reflection during her birthday? It really hit me so hard. Let me know what you think?

My friend was reminiscing to her 23 now that she's turning 24. Part of that long message was these beautiful sentence:

And to One I genuinely loved and lost, thank you for the memories. I wish nothing but all the happiness and success that comes your way.


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  • Well, she is 24, so by that age I'd hope she would be mature :/ It'd be a bit worrying if she was still feeling like a spurned sixteen year old at that age


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  • That's good because it shows she's not a bitter person

  • That's really mature

    • How though?

    • I assume she's talking about an ex? It shows she's not bitter about what happened between them

    • Yes good guess. It is about an ex

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