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So my ex and I hit that 4 month mark. Well after back and forthing with him I decided to completely ignore him. IN Which He Got Angry. 3 or so weeks ago he told me he misses me, our closeness, stability, how we made love and didn't just have sex, and our possible future. We actually connected again and etc. During the 4 months he has been drinking off the wall and having sex with way to many girls. Even tried to with me in which the answer was NO. Well now he's made it very obvious that he is dating a girl who is from his hometown.(thousands of miles and an ocean away). I don't necessarily care if he dates we aren't together. But he has made it clear that he still cares and has feelings for me, but hasn't decided what he wants. He has also made if clear that he feels I guess guilty or embarrassed about how he's acting and the things he's been doing. And that I will love him less because of it. I'm not gonna give you this crap that our relationship was perfect cause it wasn't. But we were in love. Powerful love. I still very much love and adore him and do believe he and I connected on a level like no other. I'm wanting to know a few things. Is he serious about the whole missing me thing or is he just being an a$$? ( he said this on a different occasion then when he asked for sex). Is he just testing the waters (rebounding) with this girl or there no coming back? What generally would be going through a guys mind at this time? Should I completely let go or hold out a little longer?

*We split cause he needed space. And eventually we just broke up. He says didn't want it to be over which he said on multiple
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  • ... He wants his cake and it Two here, dear. He is Not ready nor raring for any sort of relationship, doesn't want to be tied down, and he knows how you feel and that you will always be there for him and takes This for Granted and also tries to take Advantage of this as well.
    You both have love and history together but right now... He doesn't want to be two birds of a feather.
    Either set down some ground rules or this will always go down a badly beaten path and end up again.. War of the Roses. If it doesn't bother you with him and what he is putting you through, then let it be known in 'Your mind at this Time'... Nothing will ever change.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I feel like it's easy to get back with someone who you're used to the same things and always at a comfort level, which is nice but at the same time a person needs change. Even if it means letting that person go. You just don't know who you'll meet, maybe even meet the love of your life. He's out, he's having fun and sleeping with other girls then I guess he's over it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone and done it.

  • Love alone doesn't make a good relationship. Abuse victims love their partners.

  • You guys may have had genuine love but he fucked up by having sex with other women and treating you badly. He may have realized this too and may want you back but I feel because of all the things he did before, the relationship between the two of you won't ever be a trusting committed relationship. It takes more than love for a relationship to work. It also takes trust, honesty, respect, and LOTS of effort and commitment, which he obviously failed on. I personally would move on from him. He needs to get his shit together and if you go back with him, he's just gonna bring you down.

  • Let him go, he sounds like he turned Into a looser. You don't want one of those.


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