Does he not want me but doesn't want anyone else to have me?

Basically, my now ex is moving to away, keeps saying he loves me but doesn't want me..and he won't let me cut him out my life because he says he wants me in his life.So I'm a bit confused..if any1 can help? :) xx


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  • When it comes to ex-girlfriends some guys can be very territorial and a little possessive. When I found out my ex was in a relationship two weeks after we ended ours ( we were together for a a year) it killed me and a part of me felt very jealous, like she cheated on me. He might just be continuously telling you that he loves you because he wants you to still be thinking about him and in love with him. He may just want to be friends but I honestly doubt it. You'll find out the truth when you meet somebody else and see his reaction but I really think that if he cares about you then he should realize that right now you two need some space especially if it was a hard break up.


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  • He wants to be friends. Obviously, you are free to start another relationship when you meet some one you like.


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