Need help on reclaiming my things back?


My girlfriend broke up with me about 8 months ago, we lived together and had been together for quite a while, when we broke up I just took my clothes and we talked and agreed on what was mine that I brought into the house from before the relationship that I could pick up and also we split what we bought together whilst in the relationship.

Ive managed to get some of the items back (baring in mind I did want to leave it some time before rushing to see her just to make things easier on me) but now she is refusing to give me back my possessions some of which are of great sentiment to me, I don't want to pester her, but I have made her aware that I have proof of ownership (receipts etc) and that she can't keep them. Not sure who to contact on this one but any help would be really appreciated.


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  • You have 3 choices:

    1) Contact her one last time to arrange a time to get the last of the items. Let her know that this will be the last time you will be reaching out to collect these items.

    2) If she doesn't respond to the call, contact your local police department and ask for a Desk Sergeant. Tell him you need a uniformed officer to accompany you to a residence to pick up personal possessions. Bring your receipts to the station. Let them know you reached out to her and she refused to cooperate. This is your last attempt to avoid civil litigation.

    3) If the police say it's a "civil matter" then they may not assist. Then, I'd file a legal claim in small claims court in your jurisdiction. You will have to appear before a judge and ask for a court to rule in your favor for the return of the items. The court will assign a day for you to go to the residence to reclaim your property. If she doesn't have the items or fails to let you get the items, she will have to pay to replace them or face jail time.


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  • Wow - I hate women who act so childish. Sorry dude. Now for the answer...since she's not playing fair - I'd say the hell with her and have an attorney draft a letter asking for a convenient time for you and a Sheriff to arrive at her home to pick up the following items...then list them.

    If there is no response to the date you suggest give her a deadline to make another date. If she fails to respond to this - take her to small claims court (Something like Judge Judy but not on TV).

    And of course you could email a preemptive note first outline what your plans are if she doesn't call to make arrangements for you to pick them up first. Also you need to include a disclaimer she will be responsible for the replacement or repair of any items that have been damaged since you left the home.

    Good luck! But you don't need to be pleasant if she's going to be a bitch.


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  • you need to find a chick who is about 350 lbs overweight. Talk to her, tell her your situation and offer her a bag of cheeseburgers from the local Mcdonalds

  • My advise is: let her keep theso things. be a gentleman. she may get tired of those things and ask you to pick them up one day. Just think she's taking care of them. If she throws them away, the memories are inside your head not on material things.

    When I was a little kid my youngest sister always wanted my things, and she used to cry if she didn't get them, and my parents always made me give her what she wanted because she was younger, but then after an hour or two she ended up leaving what was mine on the floor or she simply just gave it back. Now I understand my parents.


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