Why I'm I so hung up on a girl that was completely rude and insulting to me when we knew each other?

i knew her for a while and had tried to date her but things never worked out , she was also very rude and insulting to me in the way she ended things and finally rejecting my offer to date. she was a girl who could be very nice and i think most people would describe her as a nice person but in terms of how she dealt with me and my interest in her was completely insulting and down right offensive to me.. she treated me like i was garbage would be about how i would describe her treatment of me back then. but i often find myself hung up on this girl , maybe it was cause i liked her or that she lived geographically close to me or that we went to the same bars/pubs. or if was cause of how she treated me so badly for some reason that caused her to stay in my head as they say.
everything i did just turned out badly with her , i remember once i gave her and her girlfriend a ride home and she accused me of wanting to kill her cause i took a short cut down a back road instead of way they wanted , which i though was rediclous cause why would i want to hurt the girl i wanted to date? she wouldn't reply or even akknowledge any emails or messages i sent her on social media and then blocked me for no reason. she also got upset when i went to the restaurant she worked at , ordered a drink at bar and tried to talk to her and her friend who also worked there , even though she herself was the one who told me that she worked there which i felt was an invite to come over.

i just find it frustrating that i'm hung up on such a rude person who really made no effort to be a part of my life or make things better between us


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  • cuz we always want what we can't have. if she couldn't show you respect then drop her and forget about her cuz she's not worth your time.


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