Why didn't he delete the rooms he made?

When my ex and I were dating, we used to play on this virtual game together most of the time where were bored. But now that we're not together I look back at the rooms and see that he didn't delete it, even thought he sometimes come online when I'm not on. Why didn't he delete all the rooms he made for me? Even the notes I wrote on the walls kinda expressing my feelings when I wasn't suppose to? Help.


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  • geezus crisis. Get a life!!


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  • Hmmm I read one of ur comments and u said that he usually deletes them , on the other hand , He didn't delete those rooms and when u expressed ur feelings.. I think he still holds on to the memories! and maybe he misses ur time together!

    • Do you think so?

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    • So. at that point, I was dating a friend, (rebound) and my friend knew him and he said " he's just like that cause i have you and he's not dating you." so i'm not really sure if he's jealous, so I expressed my feelings to him (when I shouldn't he was just being an butthole. I told him we can work it out, but he's like no offense, I don't want us to work. Anyways, I'm getting my first kiss at midnight with my AWESOME girlfriend, (and he hates her I don't know y he was dating her?) I was so devastated. I kinda accidently was spamming him, cause I couldn't handle people who just read and ignore (now i'm fine with it). While dating, we would promise, that no matter how big our fights were, we would stick together. And we would, but then he got tired of it and started acting up. Most of the night, I cry at night cause that's where he would change without him knowing, and it would hurt me, he knew me so well, that he know when I'm hurt he would get upset too. Most of the time he would get so upset or mental break

    • So, I don't know if it was a lucid dream or reality, but I once asked why he is upset, he tells me " I keep hurting you :( " So, I guess he mainly left, because my friend (which he tells me his cousin) was taking me away from him. My ex hated my friend a lot. So, I'm so confused.

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  • 2 possible reasons.

    1. He probably doesn't even care to go back and delete something.. like for what?
    2. He probably holds on to something...

    • He usually does deletes it, but what do you think he might hold it for?

  • What game was it?


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