If he keeps coming back it means he still cares right?

I tell him I'm done he comes back. He tells me he's done he comes back. We just can't stay apart so should i not give up on us? He keeps saying everything will be fine we will fix this but where's the change?


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  • No. I've been in an on off relationship and it meant that I was an easy target.

    Tell me more about your relationship.

    • I can say I do give the benefit of the doubt. Its hard to say if he actually cares or not. One time I told him I just want to be friends and he says no I'm taking your choice from you. We're together. Multiple times he's like we're going to be together. So I believe he wants us to be together but he has a drug addiction past so I feel that's his first priority these days. He'll say we're going to be OK we're going to fix this. Then the next day its like it never happened. I'm so damned confused. I love being around him when he actually comes around. We get along mentally and physically. But maybe I'm just deluded I don't know...

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    • It says I already am following you

    • Oh and it's still not letting you message me? I'll take the message thing off for you if you are having troubles

  • Its a pattern. To break the cycle both of you need to forgive and start fresh. Both of you need to change. Both of you need to make an effort. Maybe take a little break from each other and figure out what both of you want in your relationship and what will make a difference.

    • Ya that's what he said he wanted to do... I was a little resistant to just starting fresh. Thing is he is a pot head and even said himself his priorities were fucked up yet he can't seem to quit or at least place the weed lower on his list

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    • You can't make him quit. You can. Tell him you want him to but he has to make that choice. His sister is in the wrong. She does not understand how to be there for her brother or how to handle it. she will blame anyone. He needs to make a change. Maybe the best thing is for you not to be there for him.

    • I'm starting to realize that

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