She Broke Up with Her Boyfriend How do I Show Interest (but not in a pushy way)?

So I've been crushing on this girl for a couple of months now, and she just got out of a relationship. I want to escalate this into more (she's giving me signs of interest), but I don't know how to go about it. Do I just keep my same route that I've been going, or do I ask her out?

Please help, I've never been in this situation.

AND, NO, I don't plan on doing this within a week, I just want to show her my intentions without being pushy.


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  • Assuming you want to try and enter a relationship with her, I'd give her a couple of weeks of being single before you officially ask her out. Until then, just keep doing what you're doing. There doesn't have to be anything pushy about flirting.

    If you just want to hook up with her on the other hand, go ahead and ask her out.

  • talk to her...


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