It's been almost 2 months since we broke up but I still can't help but stalk my ex, help?

I'm not stalking him physically, but just online. ever since we broke up May 5th, I have been looking at his Facebook or Instagram. Even though he HARDLY posts anything. I'm just SOOO curious what he has been up to. I know I need to stop but I can't help it :(


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  • fuck other people, delete his facebook and instagram :) helps.


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  • Try not to worry, this is very normal (even if other people won't admit it). Two months isn't very long so it's normaly you would be missing him.

    Give it at least six months and I'm sure you will no longer worry about him. In the meantime, do things you really enjoy!! Spend time with family and friends, go horse riding, play with your pets, bake cookies... anything you enjoy :)


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  • Why did he break up with you in the first place?


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