Is my ex playing games? What's on his mind?

My boyfriend of over a year broke up with me two months ago. He said he had personal issues to work out. I had regretted that he kind of kept me at a distance then, which was a source of tension for us. I became anxious toward the end because he wouldn't let me into his life all the way.

We work together and during the first month, he would pass by my office daily and stop and stare. Then at the one month mark, he reached out and said he wanted to talk and work things out. I was angry because that month was the most difficult of my life and he acted like it was nothing. I said I wasn't ready to talk yet.

He continued to walk by daily.

A week later I emailed him saying I was ready to talk. He responded three days later when he was abroad for bisiness. He texted many times over the course of an hour, but I was unavailable. I apologized for missing him. He didn't respond.

Another week passed then he sends a text saying hi. I responded saying hi and asked how he was. He didn't respond. It's been two weeks now and he has still been silent. I imagine he's been busy with a family problem and has been on leave from work for the past few days.

I thought he may be playing games and I got frustrated and told him I resent him for that. Of course, he hasn't responded. Does he need more time to himself? I personally think I gave him my best. I only wanted to be there for him and spend quality time together. Why would he want to manipulate me? I did nothing to him.

I still love him. I've tried everything they say you should do post-breakup. I worked on myself and tried to be better. But how can he see that if we don't even communicate? The silence is driving me crazy. What should I do now?


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  • He seems really indecisive. Like he was giving you signals that he wanted to talk things & then all of a sudden he vanished. I think any guy who breaks up with you because of personal issues is selfish. You're in is personal life, if he had "personal" issues why couldn't he just discuss them with you, why does he have to resort to a break up in order to deal with them? If he has so called dealt with them. Also if he did deal with them why couldn't he ask for you back? Since the issues went away. There is something else behind this don't you think? This is a complete mind game that no one should go through this. Trust me I know it's hard to let someone go because you want to give them a chance & have hopes but it's going to end up hurting you in the end. Someone who doesn't know what he wants is not what anyone needs. Especially you.


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