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My ex-boyfriend, showed some "pictures", that I know I should have never sent him, to a lot of people and now I don't know what I should do, because if my parents find out, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do...

ok, so I just told my boyfriend and I still feel horrible! and now he's a little p*ssed off at me! and I just feel like I wanna die!


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  • Very common problem, best thing to do is talk to your ex point blank. Ask him to delete the pictures and/or never show anyone.


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  • @Your Update: Unfortunate lesson to learn, but as time passes you won't feel as bad. How is he p*ssed at you? He's the one doing something not very nice, you're the only one that should be p*ssed off in this situation.

  • Order him to delete them. Tell him that if he doesn't you're going to just tell your parents about them. Yes, they will be disappointed in you, but your parents will tell his. And his parents will beat him into hamburger.

    You don't happen to have any of your own if him do you? That's always leverage.


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