my ex appears to have dumped me for some other dude, can't really blame her I never showed her the love and attention she deserved, I wished she had done it in a different way, but it is what it is, we still communicate every day usually, ( Usually her kicking off about something ) such things as she thinks I am talking to other women on Facebook or ignoring her calls, the latest one is because she wants me to have our daughter overnight ( between homes at the moment ) so can't, I have told her that I am moving away, about 40 miles away, will still have my daughter the three days A week that I have her and when I get in my new place I will have her overnight, clearly she is not happy with this, yesterday she was clearly in a right foul mood when she collected our daughter, then messaged me saying f**k you Darren (me) I am having a breakdown watch this space, anyway I have managed to get to the truth as to her behavior now and it is because she thinks I am leaving ( not my daughter ) why the hell should she be bothered if I am moving somewhere else? she is now threatening me with my daughter saying big changes are coming at the end of the month regarding our daughter, why the hell is she acting like this? I thought she would be happy that I won't be around she can move on with her new partner? I am confused, any advice? in my opinion of knowing her this has nothing to do with my daughter it is to do with her
No because I pick my daughter up, and drop her off, so this is not the issue


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  • She is pissed cause she has to take your daughter farther to see you?

  • Maybe, she's mad cause she knows that you gonna find someone better. She's guilty for cheating on you, and since you're moving on with your life, So she's trying to cover up her action by should that nasty attitude. Ignore her attitude and just focus on your daughter. Sorry by the way, my English is not good.

    Wish you the best.


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