I broke up with him, he's moved on, but now I want him back?

My ex and I date for about a month, i know it was short, but during that time we were both still new to things. Apparently, we were each others' first bf/gf. I had liked him for about half a year before we officially dated, during that time in which he liked someone else. We became best friends and it kind of took him a while to figure out that I had liked him. Anyways, he was the nicest, kindest, gentlest guy ever and I stupidly broke his heart because I, at the time, said I wasn't ready for a relationship yet. We still talked and became friends even after the break-up. He then told me 2 weeks later that he has moved on. So i thought I should move on too. So i dated another guy about a month later and realized that it didn't work out between us so we broke up. He (my first ex ) then lend an ear to listen and gave me advice and we talked for several hours on Skype. We became close again, in which I felt that i still loved him. I know I was a mean person for breaking his heart, but I really want him back again. Any advice on how to deal with this or how to get my ex back? Thanks a lot.


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  • is he still single now? maybe u still have a chance then

    • He's still single, but i think he may have liked someone else though :/

  • A girl did that to me and I forgot about her and moved on. If I had a girlfriend I'd never accept her back. Yoi g


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