Most girls would of left should I take it personal?

Never showed her that I really loved her. Treated her like a bro. I've hurt her before. I was just bad at being a boyfriend. She has a hard time showing it to. No real communication. Her parents hated me her friends hated me. She had no support of me. Anyways 8 months before I graduated college and was getting into my career I asked her to move out with me. She was really excited talked about it a lot. Then as we got colder she was still on my side but i could tell was scared. Last two months the relationship turned toxic.. she turned bitchy nudging me off sounding insifferent. I was 2 busy to notice at the time. She knew I was really stressed. We could only sneak around like twice a month because it was really sketchy with her parents. She's 18. I made the mistake of having sex almost all of our time together then talking about me lol. I didn'trelive this bothered her that much she would lash out in an argument sayjng I'm dropping everything for you maybe you should act you care etc .. then she would act like wverything was fine the next day.

Her mom would disown her anddrop her free college ride. I said I'd help as much as I could with school. Before it disnt matter. As long as she was with me. Anyways she ended it completley. Called back next day hysterical saying I want to make this work. It led to more fights then she just ended it.

There were times during that last two months where I felt really unwanted too. I would message her get nudged off and she didn't do anything to reassure me. Said I had no compassion.. well she had none either. Things got edgy when she said I love you over text first time I didn't respond back with I love you and laughed at her for sending it through text. I wanted to tell her in person but I think she took it really bad. I told her next day she said was sick at first. I then went on tk tell her I do love her. She took it very oddly.
Really want to more feedback petaiNing to my original question.


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  • maybe she doesn't believe u when u told her that u love her?

    • She didn't believe me. She said that ay the breakup

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  • Sounds like this relationship was toxic from the start? I learned that if you argue in the early stages, then it's best to let go and move on

    • Shpuld I take it personal or did it just have to happen

  • Well, if she broke it off, then there isn't really turning back. Maybe next time.

    • Yeah but do you look at as she had to

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