I don't get it!! What does this mean?

My ex and I broke up around end of April. We both got home for summer beginning of May. I haven't seen him AT ALL but for three days this whole week we have had weird encounters. On my way to a concert, I saw him driving by. He didn't see me and it was VERY random. Just happened to drive by each other. This was on Monday. Yesterday, Friday , I went to a concert and driving by I saw him walking with a girl that has always given me weird vibes. My heart dropped. When we were dating, he completely stopped being friends with her. I didn't even ask him to, but he knew she bothered me. I asked this girl if they had a thing and she said no, and asked her boyfriend, who is good friends with my ex, and said "what the fuck no they don't have a thing." Then her boyfriend approached me and told me not to worry and stop stressing they definitely don't have a thing. My good friend told me he bumped into him in the dirt lot, and he just brought me up to him. He said, "I saw *my name* when you guys drove by and then I saw *my friends* walk by but I didn't see *my name*. I heard she thinks I'm hooking up with *the girl he was walking with* and I didn't and never will." It's like he told my friend on purpose so he would tell me? I don't know. I also wonder why my friends bumped into him and not me. ALSO, he was wearing a shirt with the name of the school i go to! He bought it when he came to visit me before! It just doesn't make sense to me. Then today, Saturday, I went to the gym and left my car there because my friend and I went to the mall in her car after. My ex posted a video of him working out so he was there while my car was. He OBVIOUSLY saw my car because it was basically the first one you see when you pull in. When we got back to the parking lot, I saw his car. So, I keep seeing him in the distance almost as a way to make it easier when we actually bump into each other? & it's weird how we just saw each others cars and not physically. I don't know, but it's messing with me!
My ex brought me up to my friend when they bumped into each other*
I also texted him a couple weeks ago trying to get closure and he said "this is your way of trying to make it work and it won't." He also said, "I never stopped caring about you, I'm just unhappy" and "you have no idea how hard it is to not love you" ... He made it clear he doesn't want to get back together but it's still hard for him?


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  • I think it means that you live in the same vicinity.

  • probably he wants 2 get back 2 u somehow i believe


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