Please help how to get over ex of 2 years?

Okay so he broke up with me about two weeks ago because he felt like we lost our connection. We haven't talked since then but the night of the breakup he readded me on fb but then deleted me. Like weird shit keeps happening. They are like little signs Then yesterday I know he was at his cousins house and his cousin added me on Fb. I'm trying to move on I've been talking to guys but its not the same. I'm just kinda nervous for school to start because I don't want to see him. Any advice or tips?


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  • U will see him so bag u another dude before school starts

    • What?

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    • I don't want a rebound relationship

    • Who said it was? U will date someone in the future, it should be someone u like but all that rebound is bullshit

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  • Keep doing what you're doing. He doesn't exist to you anymore.


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