Guys, what does this metaphor mean to you?

I rejected him and he responded by saying, im jabbing all his angles... what does this mean?


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  • It means you rejected him, and should now move on. His metaphor doesn't mean anything because you have rejected him and theoretically ended the relationship. If you rejected him in order to provoke a response, that is manipulation. Not cool. So move on or act like an adult in this relationship.

    • Firstly... we are bestfriends and we never been in a relationship... he's like a brother...

    • Ok, sorry, but what do you mean by rejected him? And your question is under breakups and divorce which implies more than best friends. So fill us all in with a little more detail. And I'll try to do better in answering!

  • It means love is love. You have a certain congruity with him regardless if you accept it or not. lol

  • Well, it means he has a lot of angles. Or few angles. Very few angles.

    • Ok... what does the angles mean... i know what jabbing mean

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    • So are you saying I hurt him

    • That's one way to put it.

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