Does seeing your ex in person make you want them again?

So my ex and I were best friends before we dated.. so we had this strong strong connection. And it was all my fault we broke up. When we broke up he moved to washington and it was hard for us to remain JUST friends long distance so I cut him off for my own good, and his. Anyways, I contacted him the other day (it's been 5 months) to talk to him, because I felt I was ready to just be friends, but he yelled at me and said to leave him alone, he never wants to talk to me again and says that I never loved him and said that we have no reason to talk. I was DEVESTATED.. because we have always wanted to talk to eachother, no matter how long we were apart. He blocked my number and every social media account. I'm so depressed about it :( because if he never talks to me again I'll be very hurt..

I'm friends with his friend, and he told me my ex is coming back to visit and go to the lake on July 4th with his friends. I planned to go there too and there is a strong possibility that I'll see him there. I have this fantasy that he will see me, and we will reconnect.. or he'll see me and realize how much he missed me and seek to contact me again. I just want to be friends again at least.. Is this a crazy assumption? What are the chances of this and has this ever happened to you?

(I think I watch too many romance movies:/)



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  • well the fact that he yelled at you and told you that you never loved him shows that he hasn't heal and might still have some feelings, but on the other hand it has been too long plus the distance is enough to make us forget. Anything can happen and if it doesn't it's because it wasn't meant to be.


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  • I don't think it's a crazy assumption. He is obviously still hurt which means he still cares. So I would definitely try to reconnect when you see him. Tell him how sorry you are and blah blah blah.
    good luck!

    • Even though he hates me and said he promised himself never to talk to me again?

    • I don't think he really hates you. He's just hurt. He associates you with the bad stuff that happened. Make something good happen

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  • Yeah, want them for target practice

    • ? um what does that mean. If you're gonna answer a question at least make the effort to answer it

    • It means the only way I'd want to see my ex is dead

    • thats unhealthy

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