I slept with him - game over?

I'm an attractive girl but I usually want what I can't have. so it's no surprise that most relationships I get involved in are dead ends.

BUT I've been trying to approach my relationships more maturely and less impulsively... I met a guy who I had my eye on for quite a while. I waited for him to ask me on a date and he FINALLY did. we went on a few of these dates but our relationship quickly turned into late night hang outs. I knew from the beginning that if I wasn't careful it would turn into FWB so I chose not to sleep with him... but I could only hold off the sex for so long! so I finally had sex with him and now I'm terrified that this is all we'll ever be.

is there any hope? we always have a lot of fun together and he's told me that he's extremely attracted to me. I've never actually expressed to him that I like him as more than a hook up.

so now that I slept wit him - is the game over? is it a lost cause? if it's salvageable, WHAT CAN I DO to save it?


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  • Not necessarily a lost cause. You could talk to him and tell him you're interested in a relationship with him and see how he feels about it.


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