Does my ex see me as the one who got away?

He's got in touch with me twice. Saying am I with someone etc. Fishing about my life. Then he would moan about past an me. Then ask for number an to take me for meal. Yet he didn't do that while we hungout/dated.

Then next time he contacted he said he had a break up an is down so wanted to lean on me. I did think hilarious. He would say I am cold or harsh for not wanting to considering he ended it with me when he didn't get sex on 2nd date an even said he met someone else before he even ended it. So he got real nasty yet expected me to care for him.

He tells me oh I drive now like things would be different as he lives 5hours away. I had two break ups since him an one recently.

He asked to FaceTime other night I said no. Then last night he measaged I was sleeping we spoke a bit yesterday. He said send some pics. I replied today of what he said your sexy body ain't seen it in time but why would he of lol. An why does he say he's changed when he's just the same loser after one thing.


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