How do I win her back?

In 18 days a guy I know is about to ask out my ex gf. I still love her and I would do anything to win her back. She said she would be willing to hangout again and I don't know if there is any chance of me ever winning her back. I bought her an Itunes gift card for Christmas as a gift. Is there any other way I can show to her that I want her back without saying it?


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  • well.. my ex actually is haveing a problem figuring out how to win me back... so here is what I have to say to you... show her that you love her. send he a note in the mail just to let her know your thinkin bout her. send her a text just say hey I miss you. hope to see you soon or something. Randomly show up at her house and take her some where that meant a lot to you two. like, where ur guys' first date was or your guys first kiss. or something liek that. tell her that you love her. and let her know that you would fight to no end for her.. that is if you would fight to no end for her. send her flowers for no reason. buy her stuff for no reason. leave her little sticky-note messages everywhere, like in her binders, or on her locker, just to let her know you are thinking about her. when you drive by her, or sit close to her on the computer play your guys' song, or a song that means a lot to you guys. remind her how good it was when she was with you. But most of all just follow your heart, and stay true to yourself, just don't give up on trying to win her back, and she will eventually figure out that you still love her.

    =) hope this helps you out a bit.. sorry its so long.

    • Ive really wish it was that easy. I mean she knows how much I do love here but she doesn't feel the same about me like how do I get her to feel those feelings again?

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    • Well she said she diddnt want anyone to know if we hungout again so I don't know what she really wants?

    • Hmm.. she might just need to figure out what she needs. just do what she wants, and respect her boundaries. hopefully thing will end good.

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  • I say don't buy her gifts, that makes you look too needy. Just hang out with her and enjoy yourself around her, girls want to have fun, if you can have fun with her without showing needyness she will get back with you naturally. Have fun doing your own things and ask her to join, girls like guys that don't put her as the center of attention. That way they have something to fight for, like challenge, something they can't be attracted to, no girl appreciates something easy.


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