Guys, Can he of moved on already?

Me and my ex was together 3 years, we was engaged and had booked our wedding for next year, I am 10 weeks pregnant with his baby and we lived together. He left few weeks into May and wouldn't have any contact with me and was adamant he does not want to see me, he's so bitter towards me when I did nothing wrong. He's doing everything he can to spite me including saying he's going to take his furniture (fair enough it's his but would leave my house empty) out our house. He's also been selling my son's car seat (not his son but he loves my son brought him up for 3 years) he has been selling that not on a sale site on his Facebook for all to see (he knows I no people on his Facebook who would tell me), he's also been seeing a new girl think he's actually with her not 100% and I have been told it's plastered all over Facebook.. He didn't leave me for her as when we first split up as he was commenting on loads of other girls pictures around 28th May saying 'look beautiful' etc.. he said in a text to me few days ago 'it was easier to leave than talk about it', and he hasn't asked about my son as 'it's hard not seeing him and its easier to shut it all out'. I don't understand how he's moved on so quickly from me, and will the baby be in his mind even if he's not talking to me? ..:(
I'm a girl by the way not sure why it's a guys account


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  • Congrats, you and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the only 2 men to ever fall pregnant.
    Seriously though I'm really sorry to hear you are going through a lot of bullshit (relationships). He may have been interested or among to see another girl before he got you pregnant. He most likely is not moving on, but attempting to run away. Sorry but he sounds like a real coward.
    I couldn't ever imagine leaving my girl and my baby. No woman's pussy can change my mind on how I love my family, and I wish everyone had the balls to act the same way. Don't want kids? Use protection! Don't like protection? Hand job it is. Don't like hand job? vasectomy.

  • Dafuq? U got a uterus?

    • I'm a girl. Not sure why it's a guys account

    • I see. Well the guy sounds like an asshole, I'd forget about his bullshit if I were you. The baby is your priority now, if he wants to drop seed and leave then child support will be your compensation.

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