Ex boyfriend and I have been messaging and arranged to go for drinks now he's not responding?

My ex of 7 months broke up with me due to my behaviour whilst drunk. I am on holiday and we had been messaging a bit, just friendly, asking how my holiday's going etc. Since I have been on holiday he hasn't initiated contact, it's all been me.

I asked him if when I'm back he'd like to go for drinks as friends to catch up. He responded yes and said he was looking forward to it. A couple of days after he said he'd been expecting a text saying I'd changed my mind and that I wanted to move on, I told him that wasn't the case and is that what he wants. He said no at the moment he is still happy to meet and that he's gotten me a birthday present.

Last nignt i had had a few drinks and messaged him asking if he wanted to FaceTime, I then realised with the time difference it was the middle of the night so I sent him an update on what I'd been up to the past few days. When I woke up this morning he's read my message hours ago but not responded. I text saying sorry for early morning messages, the time difference is big, hope I didn't wake you. Once again he has seen it and not responded!

Why is he suddenly ignoring me? Should I reach out again and ask what's going on? I don't want to look needy but we are meant to be meeting on my birthday so if he's changed his mind I need to know so I can make other plans.

Im 22 he's 29.


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  • Your behaviour while drunk? As in you love to shag ransoms when you are drunk, and there is no stopping you. You say he broke up with you because of your drunk behaviour, so you think it's a good idea to get drunk and face time him? You are kidding me right?
    So you blame alcohol and use it as a mask to hide your true nature? Anyway, no he wanted to fuck but now he found someone more worthy.

    • That's not very nice but yeah I did fuck a bunch of guys, he's never found that out though. It was more my aggressive behaviour towards him that he didn't like. I was never truly happy with him I just want to see if I have a hold on him still 😉

    • So who's the one that's not nice? Your on here asking if a guy still likes you, that you claim you don't like? You have a drinking problem and men are severely turned off by this! At the start it seems cool but damn it's ugly. Why don't you just stay single not be so annoying!!! You want to keep a hold of a man who is more mature than you, good luck! I hope he finds out you fucked loads of guys too

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  • he probably changed his mind.
    Sounds odd to me anyway, if he left you because of your drinking to be suggesting going for drinks... not really a smooth plan

    • He replied and said sorry he hadn't gotten back to me but he was hungover. Messages were a bit strained so I'm just going to see if he gets in touch about meeting up and just leave the ball in his court.

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  • maybe he's not really that interested in catching up or he's having second thoughts.
    and if he broke up with your for your behavior while drinking, you should probably avoid the drinking if you're trying to get sparks to fly.

  • He changed his mind. Don't show up


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