Girls, My ex broke up with me, we hung out a lot after that and spent lots of money we got into a fight now she won't talk to me what do I do?

Me and my ex dated for 3 years. She was a university student and I haven't even gotten my grade 12. I was always with her and my world revolved around her. We lived together and I had a stressful job and was miserable and made her miserable, we started to fight a lot and she ended up dumping me for being an asshole and I don't blame her. She moved out and got her own place and showed me it the next day she moved in. We always talked after the break up and hung out, held hand and kissed and more. Went on dates and spent the night together, I had a lot of hope we would get back together because of this but a week ago I haven't heard from her because of a misunderstanding. She told me in a text that she would stop all contact if I texted her again that day and i replied back "block me if you want, but I was just wondering if I could come see you later and we could hang out and Play volley ball and said I was sorry. Now she won't respond to anything and it sucks. Will I get another chance with her. I messed up bad by taking our relationship for granted and I believe I deserve to be with her again.


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  • Who cares? She's your ex. Move on

    • I want to move on from our past and create a better future together

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