Why did he get himself into this mess or is this a lie?

Two years ago my be and I broke up, and soonafter, I took a assignment with my company 2000 miles away- I had no choice if I wanted to keep my job. I was there 1 year, and the ex and I did keep in touch. So I moved back 1 year after the BU, the ex and I were talking about getting back together, but wouldn't u know, he now had a live-in girlfriend. I was shocked. Today, exactly 2 years post Bu he calls to say he loves me and is upset that I'm now dating a cop. He went on to say he is miserable with his girlfriend and I'm his soulmate. He said he cannot bu with her. Why? She quit her job and moved 500 miles to live with him last year. If he breaks up with her, she won't have a job and no way of supporting herself since she makes meager wage in her line of work, and her line of work is herd to find work in. I'm not sure why he got himself into this mess, if this is even true!!


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  • What a mess! So what is he wanting? To have an affair? You breakup with your boyfriend while he lives with his girlfriend and the two of you date? Run, run far run fast and don't look back. It isn't your problem

    • Yea, I think that's what he wants. He added that they haven't had sex in "months and months" - I think he wants me to have a sexual affair with him on the side, and I think he is hoping she will bu with him. I don't know. Like u said, not my prob! I cannot believe it tho.

    • Thank God you're not involved

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