Need some help in a very bad place and some comfort, please?

Me and my ex was together 3 years, we lived together and I have a little boy who he brought up for 3 years and loves, we was engaged and getting married next year, he left me and is seeing another girl ( he was commenting on girls pics when he left) so I am pretty sure he didn't leave me for her, two days after he left I found out I am 10 weeks pregnant, he didn't want the baby despite trying for over a year with me, his head is all over the place and he has acted in a very strange way. Nothing was any different before he left me, he text me yesterday saying he left because 'he was sick of it all' and 'it as easier to leave than talk about it', I accepted he has someone even though it's breaking me but all I wanted was to talk, he is adamant he 'won't see me' and he don't want the baby as it will mean he will have to see me and he does not want to. He's doing everything he can to spite me and is so bitter towards me. I'm struggling to deal with this, how could anyone be so emotionally cruel to someone they spent 3 years with, I was even so caring towards him even when I found out about him seeing someone, it hurts and I'm lonely and struggling to cope, how do I even begin to deal with this..:(


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  • Impossible to say why he's doing this, it's not exactly normal behavior... only thing I can say is you need to look out for YOU, and your baby. Don't let him drag you down, don't let him hurt you hoping that he will see how much hurt he's causing you and eventually go back to the way he was, I don't see how he could go back to the way he was after what he's done.

    You need to find someone to help support you emotionally, friends, family, often you can get free counsellors that deal becoming a mother and just tough stuff in general. Sorry that your going through this and I hope you can find the strength to start building yourself up without him, not saying its going to be easy but I really think thats what you need to focus on.

    • He didn't leave me for her, but to be with someone so quickly is so hurtful

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  • first of all im sorry to hear you went through that its horrible! i truly believe that when a man doesn't fight for his family he isn't a man; but a coward. work on your self esteem and get stronger you seem kind hearted and dedicated, when a man leaves & its not interested in returning on his own than you shouldn't run after him, instead you should become more solid, independent and emotionally have your own back, find a man that will help provide, show that he loves you and ur child unconditionally and protect you and ur child. best of luck!


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  • Firstly, he shouldn't have treated you so poorly. That's rude of him to leave like that, but then again, we don't know his side. Perhaps, he is one of those men that crack under pressure.
    Secondly, be strong. You need to prepare yourself for the upcoming task of mothering a second child. You can do this. There's nothing you can't handle. You need to be ready. If you need anyone to talk to, please feel free to shoot me a message! I'm always here.


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