Is there anything I can do for closure?

I was dating this guy about a month and a half, nothing exclusive, but we went out a bunch of times and things were going well (I thought). We had talked about hanging out one weekend and he said he would call, but never did. I didn't hear from him at all so a week later I called him but there was no answer. Its been a week now again and I still haven't heard anything. I am starting to think that he must have lost interest and is not going to call back but I don't understand? How can a guy take out a girl a number of times, be the one initiating things most of the time (I did as well but in the beginning it was mostly him) and then just not call, even if it was to say that he is no longer interested. I understand if we only went out 2 times but after 6 or 7? My main question is that I just don't understand and was wondering how I am supposed to find closure in this situation when I thought things were going well? I feel like I should text or message him saying something brief but then again, I kind of already did that by calling last week.

Any advice?
Is there anything I can do for closure?
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