Why does my ex like my pictures on fb?

This girl I was dating for 4 months recently said we should take a break. She said she feels she can't give me what I want as a girl friend at the moment (sexually) as she was in an abusive relationship previously. 5 days later I changed my display picture on fb and she liked it. I know it's only a like but I'm curiois as to why she has done this? I've had no contact but find it weird as she pretty much broke up with me and is liking my pictures. Is it some sort of weird girl logic to jeep her in my mind?


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  • It does not require much effort to click a button or she just wants to draw your attention for some wacky-ass reason!


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  • She still likes you. We're impulsive creatures with mood swings. She wants to slow things down but she doesn't want to leave you. Besides she didn't break up with you she just wants a break. Meaning she's still interested

    • She said she understands if I start dating other people. To me that's breaking up is it not?

    • She's testing you to see if you would really replace her easily.

      This girl has some self esteem issues. She just wants you to hold her and tell her you love her

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  • Because it's easy to click a button.