Why does my ex want to persistently be friends and run to me with all his emotional problems?

I found out that my ex was cheating on me with his ex (that he date for 4 years) and broke up with him in a heartbeat. I told him how he made me feel and cried it all out to him about how selfish he was and everything and he apogized in tear saying how bad he felt. When I asked why didn't he tell me to begin with, he said that our relationship was perfect and amazing, and that he didn't want things to end. I told him that I wanted him out of my life & cut contact. A month or two later he snapped me to come over and bring dinner. I knew his truck was in the shop and that he was stranded, and if I was in this situation, he would bring me food so I went over. I went over with intentions to just drop off the food for him, but when I got to his place he asked why I was leaving. I stayed for awhile, trying to be friend because we were life long friends. When I got up to go to the restroom he thought I was leaving and told me I didn't have to leave yet, it was around 1 am at this point. I left 30 minutes later. I realized I was just going to fall for him again so I cut it off until I had a break down a couple of months later and he was the only person I could talk to. A couple days after my break down he fixed my car. After fixing my car he texted me that he really enjoyed getting to hang out with me & that he missed it. A few days later he called me telling me he really needed someone to talk to. I went over for him to BAWL his eyes out to me about how much he missed his father that had passed about a year ago & then proceed to tell me that karma bit him in the ass. HIs ex that he cheated with on my got into a serious relationship with this guy & he realized that he really loved her. HE TOLD ME THAT HE WAS STILL IN LOVE WITH HER TO MY FACE. I blew up on him. I asked why he could tell the girl he loved all of this and he told me that it was different with me (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) I know he doesn't want to be in ANY relationship but why does he run to me wi


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  • He runs to you because you're his best friend. Maybe he loved what you guys had. But he loves her. Humans sometimes fall for people that are no good for them. The perfect person may be in front of them but the heart wants what it wants. And maybe, his heart doesn't want you in that way. He likes you as a friend though. He confides in you because he knows you'll be there. He looks at you as a good friend. And I think you should stay by his side.

    • I've given him too many chances to be a friend and all I ever do is get used at his own whenever it's convient for him. I told him I'm not his personal diary and that I won't always be here for him and he understood and told me he wouldn't bother me ever again. I feel bad, but even he realized ( and apologized) for constantly dragging me down and holding me back.

    • I get it; you need time. I think that maybe space is a good thing for you. However, when you're feeling better, I think you should be there for him. No one deserves to suffer alone.

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  • I only needed to read the title and first couple of lines. This guy will drain all your energy until there is nothing left. Cut him off entirely, move on.

  • he's a confused man dont enable him, he's dragging you into things you dont deserve, i was exactly in the same situation for 4 years myself on and off with the same person and it always ended the same way ( him being in love with someone else) find someone who values you now and even more later!


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