What does it means if my girlfriend repeatedly call me another guy name?

here's the situation,

I've been working with a girl for 2 years, then we became good friends (she has a boyfriend of 8 years). then she broke up with him and we started dating each other(we didn't tell coworkers at that time).

After 3 weeks I got fired from my job of no good reasons but it was OK with me since I was tired of it (lots of fights with my boss) and they gave me 6 months of pay.

Then we told coworkers that we dated. My ex-boss was always telling her that I was not good for her and bla bla bla...and she always told me that she hate him and bla bla bla...

Now its been 5 months that we date and she's calling me my ex-boss name at least one time every week for the past 5 months in conversations...never happened in bed...she always call me my name...

It was never a big deal before but now I start to find it really annoying since he's my worst enemy.

I never gave her sh*t for that but it was clear that I didn't like that

btw she never called me by the name of her ex of 8 years...

I'm starting to believe that she is cheating on me with my ex-boss(who is married for something like 10 years by the way )...

Am I going paranoid?

thanks for your answers


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  • Does she even notice when she calls you the wrong name? Does she react or apologize in anyway?

  • She might be cheating on you but she's most likely just so used to calling her guy by that name that she's getting confused.


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