Friends are still in contact with my ex?

So I just broke up with my partner of 6 months or so because he was always insulting me and being a jerk/making me feel scared and sick to the stomach all the time. I've blocked him from all social sites and do not see him anymore. However, my friends do. They don't seem to care that i really dont like hearing about him and knowing that theyre still all friends. I know it's selfish, but i just wish they would also stop talking to him? They just tell me "Oh but he's still my friend and i mean, he's nice to me!" (btw im the one who introduced my friends to him so its not like they've always been friends)


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  • Maybe it is time for you to make new friends as well. Some who don't know or are related to your jerkish ex.

    Keep in mind that you're hurt atm, so you may be not fair with your friends. As things chill a little more, you'll be able to rethink this with more reason.

    Good luck.

    • well i broke up with him about 2 weeks ago and its not that im hurt, just that i really feel unsafe when they're always in contact with him for some reason? But thank you

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  • your his ex... Dont give a damn care about your friends talking about your ex. and to be honest think about your friends? are they doing a right thing? are they even your true friends? if they were, then they should've cared for your feelings instead of being closer to him. Ignore their words they'r just trying to make you jealous, and also leave your friends company. make more new friends

    • stay cool and reserved, always smile infront of your friends who still have a contact with your ex, Show them that you damn care and your happy.

    • thank you :D

    • Always Pleasure :)

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