How do I let a guy know I am interested in him without scaring him in case he doesn't feel the same?

there's a guy I am finding myself attracted to, but I am not sure if he feels the same way. Are there any subtle ways to let him know I am interested in him without having terribly awkward consequences if he's not interested?

I should mention that since he lives forty miles away, most of our contact is online, though we have had sporadic in-person contacts


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  • Depends on the type of person he is. If he was like me, when a girl has approached ME in front of all my friends and peers in a congested hallway. And ask me If I like her. She put me on a real tough spot, and everyone was looking at me like "what is he going to say". I didn't know her much at the time, and didn't want to play games. So I just said a neutral answer "just as a friend". Later on I kind of regret it. If she probably would've got me in a corner to ask me privately. The chances would increase slightly at the time period. But it didn't happen.

    My advice: Give him a good sign. It would make him aware that you are interested in him. Like body language, or talking to him like a regular person if he is smiling back at you and things are going in the right direction then that would be your line.


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