Guys, he broke up with me? I need advice?

i was emotional and and stressed and i wanted to talk to him i asked if i was bothering him because i wanted reassurance he said that was me not letting him in then he wanted to leave to do what he was doing and i got upset i said i didn't need him and he broke up with me. he said i crossed the line that if i loved him i wudnt say that. he blames me for us ending. normally i would just leave but im so in love with him. my sis told me to lose contact with him he then starts texting my sis to tell me he's sorry but it was fault she calls him and yells at him says he's immature and an **** she says if he doesn't stop contact she will file a restraining order. he put a profile pic for one day it was him kissing a girl so i asked him if he cheated on me he said it was an ex wen they were happy but he has no feelings for her he deleted the pic. i said that ill leave but but i want him to know he hurt me and that i love him. he says that he doesn't love me anymore but then the night he brokeup with me asked how i was doing and if i hate him and last night he said if i want him back my sis has to take back the restraining order threat. he says i have to prove my love but here im wondering. is this even my fault? did what i said cause a break up? everbody ik tells me to move on but i just love him so much. opinions?


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