Am I overthinking things?

out of nowhere today one of my ex boyfriends good friends was asking me questions about what I've been up too lately... and if I'm seeing some guy ... cause I guess he had heard from mutual friends that I had been seeing someone and he was all curious...and he was bringing up stuff that happened in the past with my ex. is it at all possible my ex had asked him to ask me? cause his friend really isn't the type to give a sh*t about what I'm up too... we hadn't spoken in months...until today... maybe I'm just over thinking things?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He could be interested himself, and was using it as a way to mention if you're single and if you're interested in anyone else, including your ex? There could be many reasons, if he doesn't really talk to you alot, he could just be saying it because its one of the things you have in common (knowing the guy).

    • The friend has a girlfriend of over a year... he's not interested in me.

    • Many guys have girlfriends, doesn't seem to stop their interest, same even goes for married men, which is terrible, but it happens. It most likely was small talk, I think it woud be abit too much trouble to go to when you could probably find out easier by asking someone who knows you if you're single and so on...

What Girls Said 1

  • Your definitely not over thinking it but you are definitely girl thinking it. Your ex could of asked him to but don't get your hopes up just relax forget about it. The more you think the more crazy it'll drive you


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