I don't know if I'm socially awkward?

Girlfriend broke up with me and we were on a rough patch for like a year before this. Really blew my confidence. In high school I know I was awkward. But when I was with my girlfriend I was the life of the party. Very extroverted. I've been kind of isolated for 4 months now waiting for school to start. 4 months broke up with girlfriend. I notice some of the people I used to hang out with don't hit me up anymore seem almost avoiding. That being said I got a couple people that regularly start conversations with me. Even today I had some random girl initiating conversation with me in my new class made her laugh a couple times..

I thibk what got to me is that I was hanging out with an old girl from high school I used to date and again I know I was awkward in high sChoo anf weird. But she made a sly comment that I'm awkward. Said so and so I awkward then said you are to kind of in a joking way. I don't know if you looked at me first glance you'd prbabaly see me as confident because I workout have a great body okay face. But I definitely got some demons in me that sprouted about last year. This normal stuff to feel like this?


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  • I think you're ok maybe just need time


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