Am I driving my ex crazy?

So I dated my last ex for about a month (a disaster), until I finally called it off because it was evident she didn't like me anymore. She always had the upper hand in the relationship, and I felt like she wasn't putting too much effort into the relationship. Her family is close with mine, so I still her every once in a while. The first time I saw her after the breakup (2 months after), was at my friend's birthday party, and I felt like she was irritated that I was there. I caught her and her friends multiple times looking at me while she was talking to them, and it looked like she was talking shit about me. Not only that, but when we were all taking pictures with eachother, my friend said my ex and I should take a picure, and she said no and walked away like she was holding a grudge against me. We were all taking pictures with eachotehr so it wasn't going to be awkward at all. The point of all of this is, does she still like me? Does she hate me? Is she mad that I was the one that ended things with her? She is a very pretty girl and I am the first man to ever end things with her. Thoughts?


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  • No she doesn't like u. And no she ain't gettin back with u


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