Did she think I was trying to marry her or somwthing scared her off?

I told her from the beginning of our relationship I Denver want to get married.. in the beginning she sounded like sad about it. 'Never?'. We barely had a relationship.. it sprouted off sex. Emotions came in but could never be communicated. Her parents hated me along with her friends. Said I was using her.. but she never showed me much either I was older do I expect she was wanting me to take the lead. Anyways parents forbid us she made her life hell. . Had plans to move out once I finished the police acadrmy. Could only see each other twice a month. This went on for 6 to 7 months. She started withdrawing herself saying I don't I just use her for her body and there's more to her than that. Like I said we couldn't communicate.

I remember two weeks before she ended things calling everything off. I was talking about health insurance and then she needed stay on birth control.. she got weird on me saying I'm not trying to get pregnant.. oh my god that's what u think I want? No!. I said that's comforting to hear.. two days later the breakup happened. She said I would only make this move if I was going to spend the rest of my life with this person.. I said I'm not trying to do that. Went on tk asking if she wants that comittment. I mean I really didn't.. but then again she was dropping everything for me. Ever talking to her parents again.. her free college ride. Moving to a city where she would only have me.

I noticed she kind of lost some respect for me at the end even though two months before this she was crazy about me. Crying saying make the choice for me I don't know what to do.. I told her she has to make it on her own. Maybe resentment. She even asked for me back the next day crying after she broke up. Led to more miscommunication more argument and she left for good. I don't know I rather come off like an asshole than to come off as the guy who tried to wife a girl and got rejected..

Before u say I'm an asshole.. this girl really didn't show me any compassion either. She opened up really deeply a couple times then just went back to the way she was. She had just turned 18 when this all went down..


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  • The breakup was a blessing in disguise. You two were a mess for each other. Now you can start anew.

    • I realize this now.. but what do you think about the original question?

    • No I don't think she got scared off or thought you would try to married her I think she got tired of running in circles in the relationship.

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